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Weighted Golf Club

Weighted Golf Club

Price: $79.95

This weighted golf club will quickly improve your swing speed and power.


Improve Your Golf Specific Strength And Flexibility While Developing Your Golf Swing Mechanics.

The Powerstik Weighted Golf Club is the ideal training aid to improve your golf swing power and driving distance.

    Develop core golf strength and muscle endurance.
    Address the ball with confidence and efficient posture.
    Develop a powerful release for maximum clubhead speed.
    Learn the proper swing sequence of the arms, body and legs by swinging the weighted club.
    The Powerstik Weighted Golf Club gives you the correct feel for the backswing, downswing, and follow through.
    Learn to swing feeling connected

The Powerstik Weighted Golf Club is a very effective training aid for warm ups, golf specific strength training, flexibility training and overall golf swing mechancis.

With the weight 95% at the end of the club, you'll know exactly where the clubhead is at all times, giving you instant feedback as to how you are swinging.

Shipping Cost:(Approximately)
United States - 8.00 US Funds
International - 16.00 US Funds

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